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Hey Girl Heyyy

Hello, Champions of Change and Maestras of Your Own Lives! I’m Kiana, your fierce connection coach, and culture cultivator. My life’s mission? To guide you through the changes you so courageously have decided to make.  With a toolkit built over a 20-year honor-filled service in the Air Force, a Bachelor's in Business Administration with a melody of Strategic Leadership, and a Masters in Human Services Counseling/Life Coaching, I blend discipline with compassion, strategy with empathy, and leadership with love.

All About Me

After two decades of serving in the United States Air Force I hung up my uniform but kept my mission alive.  I discovered my true calling: unlocking the potential in professional women shackled by the chains of people-pleasing. My approach? Think of it as your favorite high-energy workout playlist meets the wisdom of your most insightful book, sprinkled with lots of laughter. I’m all about keeping it real, pushing boundaries, and celebrating every win with a victory dance.


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